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Korea Beauty Academy is aiming at to provide you with the most comprehensive learning and training for eyelash extensions. Rather than  training you as an eyelash extension technician, we best endeavour to let you will finish the course with all the knowledge you need to become a successful artist. While the basic principles are provided, you will learn problem solving techniques and different skills in different types of eye-shape as well as survival skills too. Knowing that in future all your prospective and our customers will share the same feeling of comfort and satisfaction in their new looks.


You will received a master handbook that is published by Korea Beauty from the Academy, it includes all the essential theories for everything you need to know about eyelash extensions. During the Course, our facilitators will be teaching you the theories and all the basic information and practical experiences contained in our handbook.

focus study

We do understand different people have their special talent or weakness point. We endeavour to keep our class in a very small group, hence both of our facilitators can more focus on each of the student targeting their special areas and training.


Eyelash extension skills can be broad and general. Our aim is to let you grasp an in-depth understanding of the knowledge, put it into practical use and not just knowing it. We inject you with a unique skill that is targeting for different eye shapes and eyelash types in a bid to ensure you do the extension in a very high standard as we do it  to our existing customers.


Lots of practical training are provided. We believe if you get the more hands-on experience, the better you will learn and remember. At our academy, you will also receive practical experience on paper, from dummy and real person. We do not just let you sit there and listen to theories. We believe practice makes a perfect goal and our facilitator will closely monitor how your progress by offering real-time feedback and support.


  • Eyelash Extension Knowledge

  • Tools explained

  • Pre-Application & Application

  • Lash Placement

  • Lash Refill, Removal and Correction

  • Health & Safety

  • Aftercare & Infection Care

  • Advanced Technique

  • Client Consultation

  • All the required study, practise materials and course notes.

  • Assistance from our facilitators to help you every step, answering questions and giving solutions to your problems

  • An official certificate certifying your successful completion of the course.

courses includes

Eyelash Basic Course

Basic Eyelash extension course. Learn about Natural and Full Set.


Advanced Eyelash

Including Basic theory and practical. Natural, Full, Volume and Complete 2D type.



Russian Volume

Learn all the essential skill about all Russian Volume techique including placement and refill. Learn 3 most popular type. 3-4D, 4-6D & 6-9D


Add-on Package

If you want to learn particular eyelash type. 

Or you want extra session on top of the above package, we will customise an add-on package for you. Feel free to add this in your comments on the booking form.

Meet our Facilitors

Chloe Kim

Founder of Korea Beauty. Over 9 years of Eyelash extension experience in Korea and locally.


Manager of Korea Beauty. Mila has alot of experience on different type of eyelash extensions.

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