LIQUID SUPER ACTIVE The double component of copper tripeptide and oligopeptide, which is a growth factor of natural skin cells, is responsible for the synthesis of elastin. Studio Centella Asiatica extract and natural-derived complex extract, which are growing rapidly, help to recover tired skin



Patented ingredient Natural ingredient for soothing regeneration Super active ingredient BHS-CH Double peptide hydrolysis Thyme Oregano Rosemary Lavender Centella asiatica extract Collagen Aloe vera Adenosine Rose oil



1. Place the finger guard in the center of the ampoule cut 2. Hold the finger guard with one hand and put the opener inside the finger guard above the ampoule. 3. Cut the ampoule like when you crack the apple. (At this time, hold it well with one finger and use the opener so that the cut surface can be safely covered with a finger guard.) 4. Put the dropper on the ampoule and use it as it is "Do not remove the lid. (Buit-in filter on the lid) 5. Apply evenly on your face and neck.


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